Be the LIGHT this holiday season!

During the cold winter seasons, each culture has their own way to spread light and bring smiles (and sometimes even gifts) to people’s faces. Well, think about that when you are lighting your Menorah, or your Christmas Tree, or your Diyas – or maybe when you go to church or synagogue or just in your own home. There are so many ways to show light during holiday season! You can look for the light – like the holiday lights – or you can always BE the light! There are so many amazing beautiful parts to every single culture, especially this time of year! So check out the Holidays around the World!!

Click here if you would you like to draw a light to share it with all of us?  Print it, Color it, Share it!

Join me to learn about a new holiday, to learn about someone and their life, or to share about yours on this Padlet!


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