Sunshine for World KINDNESS Day on Friday 11/13! Everyday can be World Kindness Day!

Friday, November 13th is World Kindness Day! This week let’s all do at least one Random Act of Kindness to show how much we care about someone. Pick someone you know, pick someone you kind of know, or pick someone you don’t know – but find a way to deliver someone some sunshine!  One way someone shared kindness with me was sharing me a beautiful Kindness and Empathy Library that was used in their classroom! I was so grateful and truly loved seeing all of the great books that teacher chose!  How will YOU pass along some sunshine to someone

We have so many beautiful books to read all about kindness and ways to lift someone up!  Check out the Padlet below to see all of the ways that we at William O Schaefer have spread kindness like confetti!

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