In October, we show how Communities are Inclusive!

October is the time we focus on feeling “INCLUSIVE“.     What does INCLUSIVE mean?  INCLUSIVE means to be including of others!!

Ways to show being INCLUSIVE:

  • Always remember to BE yourself and to appreciate others for who they are!!
  • Include everyone – maybe make a new friend or ask someone new to play with you!!
  • Ask someone about something you might not know – a type of food, a tradition, a holiday!
  • Treat everyone with respect and kindness – just like how you want to be treated!
  • Help everyone feel that they belong and are cared for
  • Make sure to speak up if you do not feel safe or valued!
  • Learn new students learn from diverse perspectives
  • Everyone feels included!


Check out Ms. Mueller’s blog for more details about how Communities are Inclusive!

Please watch Ms. O’Brien’s 5th grade class show us how we can be inclusive and they read our monthly book: All Are Welcome

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