Are You Ready to Learn About Some WOW Factors?

As we have been noticing more and more, there are so many brave and courageous people to celebrate!

We are so beyond grateful for these special first responders and important people in our lives, some are right in William O Schaefer!

Friday May 1st was National School Principal’s Day – Thank you Ms. Beglin!Ā  Monday May 4th is National Firefighter’s Day – Thank you to our local fire departments! Tuesday May 5th is National Teacher Appreciation Day – Thank you to ALL our amazing WOS Teachers! Wednesday May 6th is National School Nurse’s Day – Thank you to Mrs. Fisher! This coming Sunday May 10th is Mother’s Day – Thank you to our Moms, Grandmothers, & other important women that care for us!!Ā  WOW So many people to acknowledge!

This week let’s learn about some members of the WOW Factor: Wonderful Outstanding Women!Ā  On the 2nd page, I will be reading with you, otherwise, have fun exploring all the WOW out there!

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