Throwback from Ms. Eyer’s Library Critical Thinking Challenges: Mouse Maneuvers

The site, Chateau Meddybemps, is chalk  full of wonderful activities that will enhance skills, concepts and at the same time build student stamina using the mouse. We had fun this week working on mouse maneuvers by decorating cakes in Bobby’s Busy Bakery. The students have lots of fun by moving things around until the cake looks just right to them! 
photo 1 (1)
Click on the words Window Arranger to learn about arranging samples in the shop window, Cake Decorator to choose a cake to decorate, or Extras for more fun.

Chateau Meddybemps also has a Fun & Games page featuring activities related to the month. The activities for this month, October, include ” What would you do with a pile of leaves?”  Watching Sam rake leaves,  sort leaves by color or shape and even read story! The featured story is titled, Two Brave Pixies. Sometimes, being brave has nothing to do with scary monsters like the Ice Dragon. Sometimes, being brave can mean choosing what’s right for you.

Watch the story below!

Chateau Meddybemps has parenting guides and activities too! Everyone enjoys a good children’s story or a bit of humor now and then. If you enjoy Chateau Meddybemps, share it with others!  

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