Earth Kids Club: Session 4, Week 23, 5/22

“Hello Sun! Hello Earth! Hello Rain! Hello Wind! Hello Ocean!

Hello Wind! Hello Rain! Hello Earth! Hello Sun!”

Creating a healthy enviroment is a difficult task for one person. The William O. Schaefer Earth Kids are natural do-gooders when it comes to our planet, it has a beauty beyond your wildest dreams! Our planet is spectacular! And we want to preserve it’s beauty!

This year, our club cultivated a passion for making Earth a better place. The Earth Kids remind us that it all begins with YOU! We are PROUD, this club supported the WOS recycling initiatives and connected with others to raise awareness about how “One person can make a difference.”

Thank you parents for getting your kids here every week.  Without your support we would not have found success with our initiatives!  Tommorrow, Wednesday, May 22nd will be the LAST time the Earth Kids Club will meet for this school year. 

We are confident the Earth Kids will continue to do good for our planet over the summer.  See you next year and remember to Refuse! Reduce! Reuse! and Recycle!

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