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Earth Kids Club: Session 3, Week 16, 3/20

Earth Kids Club: Session 3, Week 16, 3/20

There is only one planet Earth! Unlike a wet footprint, your carbon footprint does not dry and disappear. Every time you use a fossil fuel, which is a natural fuel or energy source, like coal or gas, you create a gas called carbon dioxide. Most scientists believe that carbon dioxide and other gases like it […]

Citation Work for Vacation Nation

Citations for Beginners from Imagine Easy Solutions on Vimeo. First, log onto one of the MANY websites listed below that support the research you are doing for the “Vacation Nation Project”: Connecticut National Geographic Kids: Connecticut  ConneCT Kids Coonecticut Still Revolutionary  Maine Maine: Discover Your Maine Thing  Baxster State Park Massachusetts National Geographic Kids: Massachusettes […]

Works Cited: St. Patick’s Day

Happy Cultivated is an educational channel that helps kids grow a love of reading great books by providing high qualiy books online. The book title, St Patrick’s Day, written by Anne Rockwell and illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell tells of a lively day in Mrs. Madoff’s classroom on St. Patrick’s Day! Now it’s time to create […]

Earth Kids Club: Session 3, Week 16, 3/13

We are collecting and reusing plastic shopping bags to create up-cycled projects. Plastic bags pose a great risk to the environment because of the extremely long time it takes for them to disintegrate.  The projects we are exploring are a creative ways to use up the plastic bags you have lying around. Please donate your plastic bags […]

Green Eggs and Ham

Each first-grade class will record a choral reading of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss in order for kindergarten students to access the story in an effort to identify and produce rhyming words. Kindergarten students will play a “Rhyming Pairs” matching game and will be given the opporubity to ceatetheir own “Rhyming Pairs”! Second […]

Persuassive Writing: What is it?

Persuassive Writing: What is it?

Our library has been under renovations since December 14th…..Help us get our book collection back! Write a letter to our principal, Ms. Beglin or to our assistant principal, Mrs. White and persuade them to open the storage container where the WOS collection of library books are stored. Watch this video to find out the basics of […]

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