First Grade Poetry Grid

Poetry is magic…it allows you to break all the rules about punctuation, capitalizaion and spacing you have been taught. Poetry is a ‘rule breaker’ in which creative license is given to writers. Catherine, “The Brown Bag Teacher” came up with “My Poetry Promise” in which students commit to responsibly using poetry’s special privileges.
I, ___________, solemnly promise to make everyday things magic.
I will turn pencils into snakes,
spaghetti into worms,
and cotton balls into clouds.
I understand that poetry is special,
so I will follow its special rules.
I can choose when to use CAPITAL letters.
I can choose when. to. use. punctuation.
I can write in funny handwriting
and I can add l  o  n  g spaces in between letters.
These things are my choice because I will be making magic with my words.

Each first grade student has their very own QR Code and will record their best work using flipgrid. Click on the student in the grid below to hear their poem. 

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