Earth Kids Club 2018: Week 4, 10/24

Kids can change the world…in many different ways! Our Earth Kids Club will start the change in our classrooms and cafeteria this week! Last week, all of our member took the pledge to keep our planet healthy and beautiful by recycling and reducing our waste. This week, we are sharing the pledge with the entire school community in the morning announcements!

Let’s celebrate our connection to each other, nature and the Earth with a yoga pose and salutation, “Hello Sun! Hello Earth! Hello Rain! Hello Wind! Hello Ocean! Hello Wind! Hello Rain! Hello Earth! Hello Sun! Namaste.”

Do you know where garbage goes if you don’t recycle it? It goes into the landfill! Every time a landfill gets full, a new place must be found to become the next garbage dump! Landfill sites take habitats away from animals and green space away from human beings.  Landfills also become a chemical stew that can potentially release hazardous chemicals into the air, the water, and the earth. So let’s recycle! 

The Earth Kids are making a video to teach how to sort the garbage in William O. Schaefer classrooms and cafeteria so we can keep garbage out of our landfills! Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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2 thoughts on “Earth Kids Club 2018: Week 4, 10/24

  1. What a GREAT recycling video! I am so very impressed! Thank you WOS students for helping to take care of Planet Earth. You are an inspiration!

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