What Did You Read This Summer?

What did you read this summer? 

As we begin the school year it is import that we take the time to get to know each other!  In library this week, kindergarten, first and second graders will get to know each other is by sharing the titles of books they read over the summer! 

We will follow the steps below to create an interactive Wordle  to share what we read!
Step OneCreate a Wordle with everyone’s name. A Wordle is a technology toy for generating “word clouds” from words or text that we type. 

Step Two: Work in small groups to record each student’s name and their favorite book in SoundCloud

Step Three: Upload the saved class Wordle to a Thinglink account.

Step Four: Work in small groups and ask each student to click on and ‘tag” their name in Thinglink. Once their name is clicked, a text box will open allowing for the SoundCloud URL link to be pasted. Go to SoundCloud and copy the sound clip URL previously created  link by the student. Paste the URL into available text box in Thinglink

Step Five: Once the class project is saved, the embed code will be shared with teachers to post on classroom blog.

Wordle How-To

Thinglink How-To

SoundCloud How To

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