February Challenge

This time of year, especially Valentine’s Day, we try to express our love to others and show concern for others.  Each and every one of us has the power to make others feel better or worse. Making others feel better is much more fun and actually makes us feel good too. Kindness is to act friendly, generous and considerate to others. The staff in the Library Media Center will distribute tickets to students who demonstrate kindness.

chocolate-hearts-candy-jarIf you receive a ticket, please place your full name, your teacher’s name and write a guesstimate for the WOS Media Center’s heart jar.  Besides having the opportunity to win a jar of hearts, you also have a greater opportunity to spread kindness throughout the world!

Listen to the Alternate Routes’ song,  Nothing More. You are how you treat others. RAK someone today!

Challenge for February

Read the word problem below. Please solve the problem with both a written and visual explanation of your thinking. You can illustrate or create the box of chocolates. Use this opportunity to be as creative as possible.

Tom bought Kate a box of 16 mixed chocolates for Valentine’s Day. There are four chocolates in each row across. The first row is all white chocolate and the next row is all dark chocolate. This pattern continues for all the rows.

There are also three flavors inside the box of chocolate: peanut butter, cherry and mint. The first chocolate in the row is peanut butter, the second chocolate is cherry and the third chocolate is mint. This pattern continues for all 16 chocolates in the box.

  • Creatively design the box of chocolates.
  • What color and flavor is chocolate number 13? 
  • You must include the paper below or your submission will NOT be accepted. 
  • Deadline: February 26, 2016

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