Winter 2016 Challenge

Finally, it is cold outside! January’s challenge is to create a snowflake and a diamante poem. Diamante – pronounced dee-uh-MAHN-tay – is an unrhymed seven-line poem. The beginning and ending lines are the shortest, while the lines in the middle are longer, giving diamante poems a diamond shape. “Diamante” is the Italian word for diamond, so this poetic form is named for this diamond shape.

Use any kind of stick to design and create a unique snowflake. On the back of your snowflake, tape your diamante poem about snow. Read Write Think is a great resource to help you develop your diamante poem.


  • Snowflakes must be no larger than a piece of paper, 8.5 by 11 inches.
  • Entries must include: your name, grade and teacher.
  • Diamante poem must be attached to your 3D snowflake.
    Entries are due by January 25th.

Enjoy these resources about snowflakes.

download (17)Make-a-Flake: Use this on-screen simulation to cut pieces from folded paper, unfold and then view your snowflake. You can also save, print and share your  snowflake.

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