Newspaper Gift Challenge

Hey designers, here is a perfect opportunity to put your creative ideas to great use. Many of you drag your newspapers down the driveway to be recycled. Did you know that newspaper accounts for one-third of the nation’s waste? Why not do something way more interesting! The old newspapers are excellent material for creating a special gift for a special person for the holidays. Let’s upcycle our newspapers!

Task: Using newspaper create a gift for someone special.

1. Single Entries only.
2. All entries must have submission form attached – Newspaper Challenge Form.
3. All newspaper must be created or incorporated into a gift.
4. For some ideas to get your juices flowing, check out DIY Newspaper Ideas.
All entries are due Monday, December 14th!
Did you know that Johannes Gutenberg gave you one of the greatest gifts of all time.

Find out more about the printing press on the History Channel.

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