William O. Schaefer Elementary School

Pick A Reading Partner

William O. Schaefer and Cottage Lane Elementary Schools are partnering with SOCES PTA to promote literacy at home through the Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) program! The goal is for every child to have a partner read to them for 15 minutes every day. To make this more exciting and engaging, SOCES PTA has given every family in grades K-5 a copy of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo, to read at home from January 25 through February 15.  All SOCES students were introduced to the book and the program at a special assembly on January 25. The youngest child in each family was presented with your family’s copy of the book. 

Over the next few weeks, everyone at our schools will be talking about The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane!

Everyone — students, parents, teachers, even administrative staff — is participating in this One Book, One School special event. Students will be invited to answer daily trivia questions and take part in classroom activities to discuss and explore the book.

To make sure that your child is prepared to join in the fun, please follow the reading schedule below. Teachers and PTA members have even created audio clips for students to access on days when they don’t have a reading partner so that they don’t miss out!

When a whole school reads a book, there’s a lot to talk about. With your help, we can build a community of readers across our elementary schools. Thank you!

Reading Schedule & Audio Clips

Friday, January 25: Chapter 1 (pages 1-9)

Monday, January 28: Chapters 2 & 3 (pages 11-24)

Tuesday, January 29: Chapter 4 (pages 25-34)

Wednesday, January 30: Chapter 5 (pages 35-43)

Thursday, January 31: Chapters 6 & 7 (pages 45-58)

Monday, February 4: Chapters 10 & 11 (pages 75-86)

Tuesday, February 5: Chapters 12 & 13 (pages 87-102)

Wednesday, February 6: Chapter 14 (pages 103-111)

Thursday, February 7: Chapters 15 & 16 (pages 113-126)

Friday, February 8: Chapter 17 (pages 127-136)

Monday, February 11: Chapters 18 & 19 (pages 137-151)

Tuesday, February 12: Chapters 20 & 21 (pages 153-165)

Wednesday, February 13: Chapters 22 & 23 (pages 166-182)

Thursday, February 14: Chapters 24 & 25 (pages 183-194)

Chapters 26, 27 & Coda

(pages 195-211)

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