William O. Schaefer Elementary School

William O. Schaefer Elementary School provides several opportunities for students to participate in different enrichment groups throughout the school year. Descriptions and registration information is below. The link below will allow families to register starting today, Friday, August 31st. The window to register will close on Wednesday, September 12th.

This year we will run four 6 week cycles on the following schedule:

  • Enrichment Cycle 1: Oct 1 – Nov 9
  • Enrichment Cycle 2: Nov 26 – Jan 25
  • Enrichment Cycle 3: Feb 11 – March 29
  • Enrichment Cycle 4: April 8- May 24

Enrichment groups meet once a week (Tuesdays through Fridays) in the morning or afternoon for six week cycles.

Below is the schedule of meeting days and times for each enrichment group, as well as the description of each. You will be informed on which cycle(s) your child is registered for. We will keep a wait list of students if a particular group fills up. If students drop the club, a family will be contacted to join.

Please note that if the enrichment group is offered multiple times throughout the year, you will be informed on what trimester your child will attend.

Stem Challenge (1-2) Tuesday AM
In this enrichment students will participate in a variety of science and engineering related activities.  Each week will begin with a 5 minute warm up/brain teaser. Then students will begin to explore the scientific method and engineering design process through various questions and challenges.  The topics will range from Ooey Gooey and Fun, to problem solving task that require them to think outside the box. This enrichment is designed to prepare students to think through multi-step tasks, be able to problem solve both cooperatively and as an individual, and to develop a love of learning.​

Games Club (K-1) Tuesday PM
Club members will have fun playing a variety of board games while working on play and social skills such as following instructions and taking turns.

Chess Club (2) Tuesday PM
Club members will receive a basic introduction to the game of chess, with lessons in sportsmanship, patience, planning, and friendship along the way.

Earth Kids Club (1-2) Wednesday AM
Kids are natural do-gooders when it comes to our planet. This club will help cultivate a passion for making Earth a better place. In it’s second year at WOS, this club will grow our WOS recycling initiatives and connect with others to raise awareness about how “One person can make a difference.” Our mantra is: Healthy People, Healthy Community, Healthy Planet!

PE Enrichment Club (K-2) Wednesday AM
The club will give students the opportunity to participate in a variety of physical education activities that will help increase cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, and sportsmanship/cooperation skills.

Running Club (1-2/Cycle 1 only) Wednesday PM
This enrichment club will introduce young children to running as a form of exercise.  Children will have the opportunity to learn about the basics of running in a fun environment.  Each session will consist of a mini lesson focusing on some aspect of running such as hydration, warm ups, stretching, healthy snacks, proper clothing and setting goals. As a culminating celebration, the children will be invited to run the Santa Claus Kids Run (around the lake) held at Veterans’ Park in Orangeburg in December.

STEAM-Sparks and Spheros Club (1-2) Wednesday PM
As we know, when children are sparked, they are motivated to try new things, persevere through challenges, and support one another.  During the “STEAM, Sparks, & Spheros” enrichment program, students will be exploring technology via iPads and Spheros, incorporating math skills and engaging in exciting, meaningful challenges. With all of the sparks involved with programming, problem solving, and imagination, students will have the opportunity to uncover many of life’s lessons that are embedded in 21st Century Education: through creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication.

Sports Club (1-2) Thursday AM
Students will play flag/touch football and basketball, working to improve fine and gross motor skills. They will learn to catch, run, and throw– basic skills that will serve them on sports teams in the future. They will also learn how to be part of a team and work well with others. This will be an energizing and fun way to start the day!

French Club (K-2/Cycle 3 only) Thursday AM
“Oui, Merci!” Students will have fun as they learn basic French vocabulary and communication exchanges.

Story Crafts Club (K-2/Cycles 1 and 2) Thursday PM
In this arts and crafts enrichment club, students will have the opportunity to bring a character from a story to life. Together, we will enjoy a read aloud, discuss the characters within and then create our very own version of the character. Students will utilize paper plates, combined with paint, decoupage, ribbon, yarn, clay and more!

Drama Through Literacy (1-2) Thursday PM
Students will learn acting and performing techniques in order to be able to step into the shoes of the characters they are reading about. We will study characters, basic acting and performing techniques and terminology, practice our fluency and expression through reading and acting, and engage in movement activities.

Yoga/Mindfulness (K-2) Friday AM
The Lotus Flower is unlike any other flower! Even though it grows in muddy waters it emerges from the dirty water bright and beautiful! Just like the Lotus, our minds, hearts, and bodies can be strong and beautiful! Our child yoga class will provide children with an opportunity to explore and learn in a fun way to stay healthy and happy. Each class will include games, breathing techniques, visualizations to quiet the mind, partner yoga, and flow sequences that will teach balance and focus. Child yoga is non-competitive with no winners or losers. There is no wrong way to do yoga and the long term benefits are endless!

Friendship Club (K) Friday AM
We believe that the “little things” we do for one another can go a long way! As a part of our Friendship Club, students will be learning and practicing important character education and social emotional skills  through skits, crafts, read aloud and other fun. We will emphasize the importance and impact of kindness while engaging in structured games, team building activities, discussions and reflections. Come make a friend!

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