William O. Schaefer Elementary School

Congratulations to William O. Schaefer First Grade Teacher Carol Kuhn, who was awarded an Orange & Rockland STEM Classroom Grant at a reception Wednesday night! “I am eager to provide some additional STEM moments in my classroom,” says Ms. Kuhn. “I want the children to have opportunities to engineer, create, think, plan, collaborate, communicate, and make mistakes that they are able to learn from. I want them to challenge themselves and struggle because those are key ingredients for success.”

Ms. Kuhn received a grant for a “Building a Better Maze” project she has planned for next year. Working in groups, students will build a maze structure and observe how the marbles flow through it. Their challenge will be to build a maze that keep the marble in it longest and groups will compete. Students will time the marble as they flow through each maze, record the times with a timer, and then graph and record the data from each time trial. “They will be problem solving, using their imaginations, exploring mathematical and scientific concepts and communicating ideas,” Ms. Kuhn reports.

Ms. Kuhn with her O&R grant certificate

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