William O. Schaefer Elementary School

The William O. Schaefer Elementary School Earth Kids wrapped up a busy year by learning the benefits of beekeeping and raising chickens!

“We started the year learning about the earth, pollution and how the environment impacts animals,” explains WOS Special Education Teacher and Earth Kids Co-Advisor Heidi Hill.

“Most importantly, this year kids are actually recycling in the cafeteria!” added Library Media Specialist and Earth Kids Co-Advisor Patty Eyer. “On April 27, the Earth Kids met with classroom representatives to share the work we have been doing in the classrooms and cafeteria to help WOS ‘Go Green!’ We made ‘Recycle Ranger’ badges from recycled paper boxes to wear during lunch so that any student or teacher who has a question about how or what to recycle can quickly identify who can help them.”

Learn more about what the Earth Kids have been up to here.

A summer “green” tip from Ms. Eyer: “Buying locally produced food helps to protect the environment by lessening the transportation of goods, it supports the local economy, local farmers and it enables me to eat fresher food from a known source. Don’t forget to take your reusable bags to our local farmers markets!”

Woman, standing, discussing video with student, seated on floor Man, seated, with chicken, talking with students

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