William O. Schaefer Elementary School

While many consider Memorial Day to be the unofficial start to the summer, students at William O. Schaefer School remembered the meaning of this holiday by participating in Vetiquette program’s Memorial Day Tribute Book project. To create books to honor fallen service members, Vetiquette provided supplies as well as photographs and individual biographies of 28 heroes. The bios were researched and drafted by 7th grade students at SOMS.  After learning about the service member assigned to their class, each student at WOS created a page to be included in a book that included drawings and letters honoring the life and character traits of that specific service member. The books were then bound by Mrs. Luke and Mrs. DeStefano and will be shipped as gifts to the respective Gold Star families by the Vetiquette Program. Through the program, students learned the importance of honoring those who died serving our country and how they can demonstrate compassion and kindness by creating a book that will help to comfort others. If you know of a service member to honor in next year’s Memorial Day project, please email their name to: [email protected].

Please join us in honoring and remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom for all:

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Vetiquette is a character education program that teaches children the importance of showing gratitude for our veterans and particularly for Gold Star families (families that have lost an immediate family member in service to our country).  The program is run by Maureen Kelly and has two central goals: to teach children to show gratitude for veterans’ and gold star families’ sacrifices, and to empower the children to realize that they can help people in very simple ways.

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