Women’s Right to Vote

After discussing how women in America received the right to vote with 19th amendment. View this picture of women marching with the image of Malala. How does this compare to what we have learned about women’s rights? How is Malala as important as the women we discussed today? What does it say about equality in the world?


20 thoughts on “Women’s Right to Vote

  1. Malala relates to women’s rights because she still is protesting and fighting for girls to have their right to go to school and live freely.This is why Malala’s message connects to women’s rights.

  2. mala is diffrent from the ladys that we read today because mala she still went to school cause she belived in the girls should still have education the woman that we read about today belived in that woman should have to right to vote so they both belived in somthing that woman and girls should do they spoke up.

  3. Women today are not getting properly educated in certain places around the world so women are still not treated equal.

  4. I think what we’ve learned about today relates to what Malala is protesting for because of woman rights and voting for school and woman are equal to any human being

  5. I think the women used the 1st amendments by using freedom of speech assembly and petition.The reason why they used malala because she is trying to make a diffrence to and is big in the wold and so the women are going to try to use malala because malala spoke up and that is what they are trying to do.

  6. This is similar because all women aren’t equal because many girls are not getting educated, just like those women that don’t have the right to vote for a president.

  7. This shows that even after a long period of time women’s equality is a big problem. Like Malala fighting for girl education. If you don’t have an education your future is at risk. Women have the right to do this under the first amendment.

  8. I believe in the picture that had women on the street with a sigh that had a picture of malala on it saying educate and empower for malala and all of us I think they were trying to put a message out that said all girls and women should be able to go to school. They had the right to say this because of the first amendment saying you have the right to assemble and petition.

  9. still in country’s women are still not able to have equal rights for example women are still, in some countries women are not able to go to school so that is why women are using malala to let them have rights to go to school because malala stood up for herself and didnt let the taliban stop her so that is why women are using her to get girls rights so they can go to school. and that is under the 1st amendment.

  10. malala was as important becose she was fihting for wimin rihts to go to school so wimine are fiheting for wimin to be trete farly

  11. It does not matter if you are a boy or girl or have diffrent personalitys or if we look diffrent. Everyone should have the same rights and everyone should be able to do the same things. People didnt wanna be left out. Its like if your friend plays a game but he says no you cant play.

  12. i think malala’s message was that women around the world needed a fair chance to go to school to get an education to get a job, to have more power in their lives, and have more control over their lives.

  13. I think I learn that malala speak up to the people.
    malala was shot in the head but she survive by god and she was ok.
    malala want to have the girls be together with the boys.

  14. Malala wants little girls to accomplish their dreams and to go to school.
    Malala wants justice and freedom for little kids

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