Tappan Zee High School

School Leadership Team (SLT)

Each school has a School Leadership Team. Discussion items are chosen by each team; recommendations are advisory and made by consensus.

Each SLT is comprised of: 1 parent per grade level + 1 parent at large; 1 teacher per grade level + 1 teacher at large; 1 administrator; 1 student (where appropriate); and, other members as needed and as appropriate. Parent SLT members must have child enrolled in the building they represent. Members can represent any grade level, in any combination. Parent and community member volunteers are nominated through PTA. Teacher committee members are selected by EASO.

Individual SLTs have the flexibility of determining the frequency and duration of meetings based on building needs. A quorum of at least 50% of the SLT membership with representation from each of the three constituent groups–administrators, teachers and parents–is required for each meeting.

For SLT meeting dates, please check the TZHS Google Calendar.
Access meeting agendas and minutes via Google Drive.


Rudy Arietta, Principal
Brian Newburger, Teacher
Beth Smith, Teacher
Nicole Farish, Teacher
Patricia Tobin, Parent
Sharyn Rubino, Parent
Farrah Levesque, Student
Luca Supaswud, Student
Liam Johnson, Student
Shayan Haque, Student
Daniel Albanese, Student

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