Tappan Zee High School

Your Role & Our Expectations


At Tappan Zee High School we want to feel Respected, Inspired, Supported and Empowered. In order to feel:

Respected, we will:

  • Build relationships
    • Learn names
    • Say hello to one another
  • Use positive language
  • Create a comfortable, calm environment

Inspired, we will:

  • Be open to and optimistic toward new ideas
  • Be involved in the school community
    • Participate / attend school activities
  • Demonstrate gratitude, appreciation and kindness
  • Be an inspiration to ourselves and others

Supported, we will:

  • Take responsibility for our environment
  • Provide a welcoming and safe environment for all
  • Value each other’s voices and difference of opinion

Empowered, we will:

  • Lead by example (be a leader)
  • Listen with an open mind
  • Encourage academic risks and encourage others
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