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Midterm Information

Midterm Week is Monday, January 22 – Friday, January 26.

Click here to view the midterm schedule in PDF format. If you are unable to access this document, please contact the Main Office at (845) 680-1600 for assistance.

Please scroll down the page for instructions for students and the makeup exam schedule.

Rockland BOCES CTEC students: During Midterm Week, BOCES classes and transportation will run on the regular schedule. You are not required to attend your BOCES classes during Midterm Week, but you may choose to attend.

Midterm Review Tutoring: Midterm Review Tutors will be available to assist students in the Learning Center (Room 202) starting Monday, January 22 through Friday, January 26. Tutors from all honor societies will be in the Learning Center daily from 8:05am-12:00pm and 1:00-3:00pm.

Instructions for Students

  • You are expected to arrive at the examination room 10 minutes before the exam is scheduled to begin.
    • Backpacks or any other book bags are not allowed in the building during the exam week.
    • No entertainment devices, including Ipods, etc, are permitted in the test rooms/gym.
    • Cell phones must be turned off and cannot be used anywhere in the building at any time and must be held by the proctor during testing.
    • All necessary supplies (i.e., pencils, pens, calculators, rulers, etc.) should be placed on your desk upon arrival at the test room/gym. Make sure to check exam requirements with your subject matter teacher.
    • Remember: Be prepared.
  • After being dismissed from an exam you are expected to leave the testing area. The only area you may “wait” is in the cafeteria.
  • If you are scheduled for a morning exam, you may not leave before 10:30am. If you are scheduled for an afternoon exam, you may not leave before 2:30pm.
  • Absences: If you will be absent on a test day, it is your responsibility to call the Attendance Office at (845) 680-1652 prior to the start of exams. Any person who does not comply with this shall be marked illegally absent from the exam.
    • A person who is absent from an exam is expected to present an excuse note signed by a parent or guardian upon return to school. Excuses other than illness must be approved by an administrator. You must have an excused re-admit to make up an exam. Scroll down for makeup exam schedule.
    • There are no makeups for Regents or Regency Competency exams.
  • No early dismissals will be honored during the examination period. Any premature departure from the test room will invalidate the exam.
    • You will not be excused during an examination unless there is an emergency. If there is an emergency, you will be escorted to an appropriate location where you will be expected to remain for the balance of the test session.
    • If you feel ill, report to the Nurse’s Office at the beginning of the test session where proper arrangements will be made.
  • If you have a conflict on any given day, you are to report to the Conflict Room at 8:15am for the morning session and at 12:15pm for the afternoon session. You will remain in the Conflict Room and take all your exams for that session in that location.

If there are any questions or problems concerning this process, talk with your teacher, your guidance counselor or an administrator. You are expected to resolve questions and problems before exams.

Makeup Exam Schedule

  • Please bring your absence note to the Attendance Office to receive your re-admit slip. A re-admit slip must be shown to the proctor prior to taking the makeup exam. This schedule is for local exams only.
  • If your scheduled makeup exam conflicts with a regularly scheduled exam, please take your regularly scheduled exam and arrange an alternate time with your teacher to take the makeup exam.
  • All makeup exams will be given in Room 408 (expect on Monday, January 30, which will be Room 951)

Tuesday, January 23
Room 408
Makeups for Exams Given on Monday, January 22
8:30am: AP Economics, Global 9R, Global 9H, Global 10R, Global 10H, AP World & ESL World 9/10
12:30pm: English 11R, AP European, AP Statistics

Wednesday, January 24
Room 408
Makeups for Exams Given on Tuesday, January 23
8:30am: US History R, US History H, AP US History & AP Psychology
12:30pm: English 9R, English 9H, English 10R, English 10H & AP English

Thursday, January 25
Room 408
Makeups for Exams Given on Wednesday, January 24
8:30am: Geometry R, Geometry H, Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus H, AP Calculus AB & AP Calculus BC
12:30pm: Algebra, Algebra IB, Algebra IIR, Algebra IIH & Calculus

Friday, January 26
Room 408
Makeups for Exams Given on Thursday, January 25
8:30am: Italian III, Spanish III, French III, Living Environment, Living Environment H & Earth Science
12:30pm: Italian IV, Spanish IV, AP Spanish Lit & Italian V

Monday, January 29
Room 951
Makeups for Exams Given on Friday, January 26
8:30am: Italian II, Spanish II, French II, Chemistry, Chemistry H, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, Physics, AP Physics 1, AP Physics C, Spanish I & AP Art History


Morning busing to TZHS will operate on a regular schedule during midterms. Following are times for busing from TZHS:

Monday, 1/22
11:45am, 3:00pm & 4:30pm (Late)

Tuesday, 1/23
10:45am, 3:00pm, 4:15pm & 5:15pm (Late)

Wednesday, 1/24
10:45am, 3:00pm & 4:30pm (Late)

Thursday, 1/25
11:45am, 3:00pm, 4:15pm & 5:15pm (Late)

Friday, 1/26
11:45am, 3:00pm & 4:00pm (Late)

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