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Start Here Get There is HESC’s theme for Student Financial Aid Awareness Month taking place this January and February. Please encourage your students and families to visit the website to get help and guidance on completing the FAFSA, the key to college financial aid. Counselors can download posters, flyers, web banners, and print ads for your office or school newspaper to keep the financial aid process top-of-mind.

HESC is here to help with FAFSA, TAP and other college financial aid questions. Please let your students and families know they can:

Chat online at

Call us toll free at 1-800-808-1790, Mondays through Thursdays from 9 am to 5 pm

Email us anytime at [email protected]

For personalized, in-person assistance, FAFSA completion events are scheduled across the state.

SAT Preparation Courses in Rockland County

Rockland Educational Services, Inc.
(845) 623-1653

ESC-Educational Services Center, Inc.
(845) 356-8963

Princeton Review

Marilyn Kohn Associates
(845) 362-1385


The Grade Success Education Center
(845) 369-7967
[email protected]

SOCSD Continuing Education Program SAT/ACT Prep Courses
Call (845) 379-1012 for more information

Michael’s Academy

Practice Perfect
(845) 547-0457

Lentz and Lentz
(845) 638-2826

College Admissions Process

The Process: Processing Your Application

College applications are processed through the Guidance Office.

Please note that a transcript request form should be filled out for each college applied to. Your total package should include as follows:

1. Tasks the Guidance Office is responsible for:

  • Your transcript
  • A list of senior courses (on the transcript)
  • Counselor recommendation
  • Fall semester senior grades
  • Final Transcript

2. Tasks the students are responsible for:

  • The actual application itself (This should be sent online)
  • The required essays (This can be sent online)
  • Application fee (This can be paid online)
  • Student resume (This can be sent online)
  • A 9″ by 12″ envelope addressed to each college including postage that does not accept applications online

Student must schedule an appointment with their guidance counselor to hand all of their transcript request forms. Please leave at least 3 weeks processing time for your application. If you have January 1 deadlines, your counselor must have your completed application no later than December 5th . Deadlines are very keenly observed in college admissions offices, so please help us help you meet them.

College Admissions Criteria

This is the collection of information which a college admissions committee will consider as it makes a decision. While colleges usually look at “the whole person” when making their decision among thousands of applicants, the academic background is the most important factor. College admissions criteria include the following:

1. Secondary school academic record which includes the following information:

  • Three-year high school average – GPA is computed at the end of Junior year
  • Level of academic difficulty of courses
  • Number of courses taken
  • Final grades in each course

2. SAT I or ACT Scores

3. Senior mid-year grades

4. Application essay(s) and or personal statement

5. Recommendations from teachers and guidance counselor – they often know special qualities which may not show up in grades.

6. Extracurricular Activities – pursued in school or outside. Special talents such as musical or athletic skills, as well as community service, employment and summer experience can be weighed quite heavily. The degree of commitment and depth of involvement in a small number of activities are more important than superficial involvement in a large number of different activities.

7. Personal Interview – either on campus or locally by an alumnus.

8. Alumni or legacy status – this may tip the balance when all else seems equal.
Sample Resume 1    Sample Resume 2
Junior Timeline
Senior Timeline
Senior Packet Class of 2016

General College Information/College Search Links

College Board Online
College Board Online helps students and parents make the transition from school to college. Includes College Board tests, programs, and online registration; a “Test Question of the Day;” a searchable database of colleges; financial aid information (including a financial aid calculator).

CollegeNet lets students search for institutions by geography, tuition, enrollment, and college major. Provides separate databases for four year colleges and community, technical, and junior colleges; lists of colleges by category; links to sources of financial aid information .

College Search Service
Information on colleges

Scholarships, Financial Aid and Colleges

Peterson’s Education Center
Peterson’s Education Center includes information about educational programs at all levels and provides searchable databases of colleges and academic programs. All college/university sites provide basic information and many provide extensive descriptive material, online viewbooks and applications.

Financial Aid Information Links

The Financial Aid Information Page
This page (sponsored by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators) provides links to many sources of information about student financial aid. It also includes a “Scholarship Scam Alert” with information about scams and how to avoid them.

Financial Aid Calculator
Includes convenient worksheets to help families identify alternative ways to finance college costs.