Tappan Zee High School

Physical Education & Health

Physical Education (Required)
1/2 credit per year
The Physical Education program follows the recommendations of the New York State Education Department as well as the guidelines proposed by the Surgeon General and the NAPE. Students participate in two 20-week semesters per year. The program is comprised of an elective system, based on each period students choose by grade level from a curriculum that includes fitness, team sports and Project Adventure, lifetime activities. During a student’s four years at Tappan Zee High School, he/she must complete eight semesters of Physical Education. Special provisions are available to those students whose active participation is limited due to medical reasons. Students will be assessed with a numerical grade, using the physical education grading rubric.

Health Education (Required)
Cycled or Semester, 1/2 credit
Health Education is a required course for graduation that fosters self- awareness improvement of one’s physical, emotional, maturational and sociological self. The course curriculum topics include: nutrition, mental health, environmental health, family life and planning, disease prevention, abuses of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Placement priority in the course will go to seniors.

Faculty Sites

Physical Education Department Website

Ms. Susan Maher, Team Leader
Mr. Thomas Cromer
Mrs. Emily Donovan
Mr. George Gaine
Mr. Steve Sutton

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