Tappan Zee High School

Congratulations to Tappan Zee High School ninth-grader Sarah Tung for winning the 2018 World Language Journal Cover and Mural Contest!

The World Language Journal is a annual collection of original works by students, on topics and themes covered in Spanish, French and Italian classes. Roughly 80 students contributed biographies, recipes, news stories, political commentary, original poetry, short stories–and even original endings to famous plays–for this year’s edition.

Congratulations are also due to Advisor and Spanish Teacher Claudia Arietta and the following students on producing this year’s stunning publication:
  • Nicole Gontaryk & Ashleigh Healy, Chief Editors
  • Ashley Chaluisian, Madison Stolarski, Julia Hunt & Christine Lynch, Assistant Editors
  • Dylan Fitzgerald, Illustrator

More photos on the district Facebook post.

TZHS mural winner with mural and World Language Journal cover

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