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2018-19 AP Exam Information

Registration Fees & Instructions

Registration and payment for 2019 AP exams are now being accepted! Deadline is Friday, February 15.

  • Fees: The general fee is $101.50 per exam, which includes 4.75% processing fee and $3 registration fee. The fee is $53 per exam for students who are eligible for free/reduced-price lunch*.
  • Registration/payment: Registration and payment must be done via My Payments Plus. NO CASH OR CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Multiple exams: Students may register for multiple exams.
  • Cancellation: If students order and pay for an exam at this time, they can still withdraw by the April 10 deadline and be issued a refund of $86.00. A $15.50 fee covers the cost of the ordered exam.

*For the past few years, New York State has issued funding in June, after the completion of AP exams, to further reduce the exam fee for low-income students. At this point, there has been no commitment for this year’s exams. If state funding is provided to subsidize 2019 exam fees, students will be refunded accordingly. 

Register via My Payments Plus
1. Go to www.mypaymentsplus.com (same website as school lunch program)
2. If you already have an account, then “sign in.”
3. If you DO NOT have an account, select “register a FREE Account,” and then select “New York State” and “South Orangetown CSD.” Enter Last name and Student ID (you can find your ID on a report card, in PowerSchool, or on your student ID card).
4. Under “Advance Placement Exams” and under your child’s name, select the AP test from the dropdown menu.
5. Read “Important Exam Information” and check box.
6. Select date and time of AP exam then submit.
7. Continue to payment options to complete the registration process (must use credit/debit card). PLEASE VERIFY YOU HAVE THE CORRECT EXAMS AND PAYMENT INFO. Registration is not complete until you receive an email confirmation.

Please register as soon as possible and do not wait until the last day of registration. Please contact Technology Team Leader/AP Coordinator Nicholas DeSantis with questions.

Exam Dates: Week 1

Monday, May 6
Morning (8am): U.S. Government and Politics
Afternoon (12pm): Chinese Language & Culture, Environmental Science

Tuesday, May 7
Morning (8am): Seminar, Spanish Language & Culture
Afternoon (12pm): Japanese Language & Culture, Physics 1: Algebra-Based

Wednesday, May 8
Morning (8am): English Literature & Composition
Afternoon (12pm): European History, French Language & Culture

Thursday, May 9
Morning (8am): Chemistry, Spanish Literature & Culture
Afternoon (12pm): German Language & Culture, Psychology

Friday, May 10
Morning (8am): U.S. History
Afternoon (12pm): Computer Science Principles, Physics 2: Algebra-Based

Studio Art: May 10 is the last day for coordinators to submit digital portfolios (by 8PM Eastern Time) and to gather 2-D Design and Drawing students for the physical portfolio assembly. Teachers should have forwarded their students’ completed digital portfolios to coordinators before this date.

Exam Dates: Week 2

Monday, May 13
Morning (8am): Biology,
Afternoon (12pm): Physics C: Mechanics
Afternoon (2pm): Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism (special exam time: only exam given at 2pm)

Tuesday, May 14
Morning (8am): Calculus AB, Calculus BC
Afternoon (12pm): Art History, Human Geography

Wednesday, May 15
Morning (8am): English Language & Composition
Afternoon (12pm): Italian Language & Culture, Macroeconomics

Thursday, May 16
Morning (8am): Comparative Government & Politics, World History
Afternoon (12pm): Statistics

Friday, May 17
Morning (8am): Microeconomics, Music Theory
Afternoon (12pm): Computer Science A, Latin

Exam Information

Please take a minute to review the following College Board guidelines:

  1. Cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited from the exam room and may not be used during the break. If a student uses a cell or electronic device in the exam room or during a break, the device will be confiscated and the student dismissed. Tappan Zee High School is then obliged to contact the College Board’s Office of Testing Integrity.
  2. Food or drink (including water) should not be brought to the exam room.
  3. NO mechanical pencils: #2 pencils ONLY. Students will need blue or black pen as well.
  4. For AM exams, students should arrive at 7:30am. For PM exams, students should arrive at 11:40am. No student admission after 8am (morning exam) OR 12pm (afternoon exam).
  5. Students are encouraged to wear watches in case they cannot see the clock. However, watches that beep or have an alarm are not permitted in the exam room.
  6. Students should have a College Board account set up before taking the exam(s) in order to receive their scores online. Sign up at apscore.org.
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