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TZE Word Jumblewordjumble
Click here to view and print Word Jumble 1

Dear Girls and Boys,

I have created a word jumble for you to figure out. I will be making others as the year goes on.

How this works: There are jumbled words with blanks spaces next to them. Your job is to figure out each word and write the letters in the correct order. The capital letters are hints for you. Although the jumbled words may seem difficult to figure out, they are words you should know or be familiar with. There is an example for you.

You can work alone or with a partner. Please write your name (or names) in the space on the form. Please try to figure each word out on your own without help from an adult.

Bring your completed forms to the main office by the date listed. All the correct forms will be put in a box and three will be selected. Winners will enjoy lunch with me.

Good luck everyone!

Dr. Lee


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