boxesforkatjeFor the next few weeks, TZE’s Character Education Program will focus on the character trait, Responsibility. Students will earn dots for being responsible for themselves and others. At Friday’s assembly, we will share that respect for others and a shared responsibility for each other, can change the world.  If students have the desire and the time, they can “Change the World.”

Students from each class helped us to think responsibly.
Responsibility is being accountable for your actions. It is the ability to act independently and make decisions without someone telling you the right thing to do.
We are responsible when:
  • We use our thoughts, words and actions to help others.
  • We respect others opinions even we they are different from our own.
  • We care about others rights and well-being.
  • We set aside our own needs to help others.
  • We understand that no one is more important or better than others. We are all equal.
  • We wish others to have the same privileges as ourselves.
  • We are fair and act honestly even when no one is watching.

It all starts with ourselves. Be responsible and you can “Change the World.”

Our book of the month, Boxes for Katje by Candace Fleming is a great example of being responsible for others well-being. Read the summary below and feel free to re-read with your child.

Boxes for Katje By Candace Fleming and illustrated by Stacey Dressen-McQueen is based on real events involving a charitable effort that begins with a girl and her family who send a care package to Holland during World War II. In the first care package, Katje receives socks, soap and chocolate that made a huge difference to others in need. Read more to find out what happens.

Out of honesty, compassion, and respect comes RESPONSIBILTY. This includes both personal responsibility and public responsibility. Responsibility is about action, and it is also educate ourselves so we can live up to our full potential. As a school community, we would like to create our own “Boxes for Katje.”  Each class will be collecting baby wipes (soap), socks and candy for “Boxes for Soldiers.”

The following classes are asked to bring in socks for soldiers: Mrs. Hill & Mrs. Smith’s class, Mr. Sharkey & Mrs. Smith’s class, Mrs. Allen & Mrs. Alvarado’s class, and Mrs. Impemba’s class.

The following classes are asked to donate baby wipes for soldiers: Mrs. Danner’s class, Mrs. Eckert’s class, Mrs. McCarthy’s class, Mrs. Minor’s class, Mrs. Traynor’s class, and Miss Williams’ class.

ALL students are asked to donate candy for the soldiers.  Boxes will be in the main lobby for all donations.  Thank you in advance for being responsible citizens!

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