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“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.” – Louisa May Alcott, from Little Women.

We are all learning how to navigate the many challenges which we are facing these days and I am hopeful that our students and families are finding courage in the understanding that we will overcome whatever obstacles that lie before us.  We will face these challenges together with the confidence that comes from having the character traits, knowledge, and skills to find the opportunities that await us on the other side of this difficult period in time.  The South Orangetown Central School District attends to each child’s growth in the realms of character development (the “being”), intellectual development (the “knowing”) and the application of what they have learned (the “doing).  This commitment to the principle of “be, know, do” is the driving force behind what motivates each member of our staff to serve our students and, like the rudder on a ship, provides the direction for our efforts.

So…I would like to take a moment to recognize the career milestones of our colleagues at SOCSD who have taught us how to sail our ships:


Kathleen Conway (CLE), Kathleen DeStefano (WOS), Carol Heinemann (WOS)


20 YEARS: Kim Woodford (DO), Anna Coughlin (WOS), Lisa Savarese (WOS), Carole Widmayer (WOS), Sunita Hill (CLE), Kerri McBride (CLE), Susan O’Rourke (CLE), Judy Pocalyko (CLE), Jacob Tanenbaum (CLE), Jennifer Abrahamsen (SOMS), Kristine Condon (SOMS), Janesa Martinez (SOMS), Emily McKay (SOMS), Allison Meyers (SOMS), Marisa Nadler (SOMS), Frances Piazza (SOMS), Karen Bell (TZHS), James Donovan (TZHS), Christine Drivas (TZHS), Frances Duffy (TZHS), Patricia Kelly (TZHS), Nancy Lungaro (TZHS), Michael Matulac (TZHS), Daniel Rafferty (TZHS), Seth Resnikoff (TZHS), Lisa Reynolds (TZHS), Steve Sherman (TZHS), Beth Smith (TZHS), Russell Wagoner (TZHS)

25 YEARS: Riva Fisher (WOS), Heidi Hill (WOS), Carol Kuhn (WOS), Tatiana DiPierno (SOMS), Glenn Spiegelman (SOMS), Brian Newburger (TZHS), Steven Purkis (TZHS), Jonathan Rossi (TZHS)

30 YEARS: Paula Klika (CLE), Burke Anderson (SOMS), Suzanne Solomon-Hollander (SOMS)

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