Cycle Day 6

Any 7th graders who had Ms. DiPierno for Art, Period 6 during the last quarter should report to the Art Room to pick up all artwork today during homeroom or Period 1.

Attention Athletes:  A significant change has been made on REGISTERMYATHLETE.COM.  It is no longer mandatory to view the “Concussion Video” every new sports season.  Only first time users to the program will be required to view it.  If you haven’t already done so, please remember to register on REGISTER MY ATHELE.COM.  Don’t forget to watch the “Concussion Video” with your parent on separate devices, for first time users.

June is The Time for Virtual High School (VHS) Enrollment!  Are you interested in learning more about American Popular Music, Oceanography, The Teenage Brain, Learning to invest in the stock market, Advanced English Literature, Poetry Writing, Fantasy and Science Fiction Short Stories, Literacy Skills for the 21st Century, Web Design, Number Theory, Psychology, Sociology, Meteorology, Mythology and even more?  SOCSD is a member of the VHS Collaborative, a global approach to supplemental online learning.  If you are the type of student who is curious, welcomes an additional challenge and can work independently, then consider this as a possible supplement to your academic studies.  See your guidance counselor or Mr. Yassky for additional details.