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Daily Announcements, Monday, January 27, 2020

Cycle Day 1

Attention All Students: If the temperature is between 21 and 45 degrees you MUST have a minimum of either a sweatshirt or fleece jacket to go outside for recess.  If the temperature drops below 21 degrees, there will be no outdoor recess.  Please remember to bring your jacket to recess if you want to go outside during recess!

Congratulations and job well done to our NJHS members who helped to organize and run last night’s Souperbowl event.  With their hard work and the help of our students and staff we raised over $2000 to help the Make A Wish Foundation.  The NJHS members want to extend a special thank you to the members of the Cooking, French and Italian Clubs for the wonderful soups they made and donated, to all Art and Technology students who created and donated items for sale and to the teachers and students who came and made last night’s event such a success.

Please be advised that Quarter 3 begins today, Monday, January 27th.  E3 begins today as well.  Lists for 7th grade E3 Explore and Study Halls will be hanging outside the library.  Lists for 8th grade E3 Explores and Study Halls will be hanging outside of the Guidance office.

Due to the start of the second semester, today, Monday, January 27 is Cycle Day 1.

The next meeting of the Spanish Club will be held Wednesday, January 29 after school in Room 234.  We will work on our posters for the upcoming Teddy Bear Sale and hang them around the building.  Please make every effort to attend!

It is that time of year again!  SOMS is looking for a talented 6th or 7th grade student to design the cover of next year’s Agenda Book!  The Agenda Cover Drawing theme invites you to illustrate the theme What Have You Done for Others Today?  Think about your family and community, what inspires you to help others?  What inspires you to put others first and yourself second?  This is open for interpretation and creativity.  Entries are due by the last week in January.  Have a great experience illustrating your inspiration!

The 2020 SOMS Yearbooks are now on sale!  Add your own photos and memories by customizing two free pages.  Download the free TreeRing app!!  The deadline to order and customize your book is April 24, 2020.  The price of the yearbook is $29.12 (upgrade to hardcover for an additional cost).  You can order online directly through TreeRing.  Flyers were already distributed during homeroom.  See the SOMS website for more information or contact Mrs. Rutherford.


Science Olympiad will meet on the following dates:

Tuesday, January 28

Wednesday, January 29 

Art for Public Spaces Club meets Tuesday, January 28.

A reminder to all NJHS members that the first half of Tech year service hours are now due and there is a full membership meeting Tuesday, January 28 after school.  Members should check the NJHS bulletin board on Tuesday morning for information on where the meetings will be held.

Student Council will meet after school on Wednesday, January 29.

Yearbook Club will meet after school on Thursday, January 30.

There will be a Peer Leadership Meeting for current 7th and 8th grade members on Wednesday, February 5th after school (3pm till the late bus) in the Cafeteria.  This is a mandatory meeting.  If you have questions, please see Ms. Condon or Mr. Rastelli prior to the meeting.

The next Debate date is Thursday, February 13.  Be ready for debate about zero-tolerance policies in public schools.


Attention Athletes: Are you interested in running the 9th Annual Flying Dutchmen 5K?  Register early for a free Tee Shirt.  Forms are outside Room 238.

Date Club Room Comments
Tuesday, 1/28 Art for Public Spaces Club
Tuesday, 1/28 Science Olympiad
Tuesday, 1/28 Full NJHS Mtg.
Wednesday, 1/29 Science Olympiad
Wednesday, 1/29 Student Council
Wednesday, 1/29 Spanish Club 234
Thursday, 1/30 Yearbook Club


Date Club Room Comments
Wednesday, 2/5 Peer Leadership
Thursday, 2/13 Debate Club Library Debate about zero-tolerance policies in public schools


Friday, 1/24 7th Gr. Winter Party SOMS Cafeteria and Gym – 7:00-9:00 pm

UPDATES: Friday, January 24, 2020

Today is Cycle Day 1.

The 7th Grade Winter Party is tonight, Friday, January 24 from 7:00-9:00 pm in the SOMS Cafeteria and Gym.  There will be Pizza, Dessert, a DJ, a Photo Booth, Ping Pong and Basketball.  The cost is $15 per student.  A signed permission slip is required in order to attend.  Please bring completed and signed permission slip to school with payment (exact cash or checks payable to South Orangetown Middle School PTA).

Please be advised that Quarter 2 ends today, Friday, January 24th and Quarter 3 begins Monday, January 27th.  E2 also ends for 7th and 8th grade today, January 24th and E3 will begin on January 27th as well.  Lists for 7th grade E3 Explore and Study Halls will be hanging outside the library.  Lists for 8th grade E3 Explores and Study Halls will be hanging outside of the Guidance office.


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