South Orangetown Middle School

Counseling Office

School Counselors

Philip Farrugia
(845) 680-1107
Grade 7: L-Z
Grade 8: A-K

Patricia Iannucci
(845) 680-1111
Grade 6: K-Z
Grade 8: L-Z

Siobhan Maiorano
(845) 680-1109
Grade 6: A-J
Grade 7: A-K

Virginia Bonardi, Guidance Secretary
(845) 680-1106

School Psychologists

Courtney Malka
(845) 680-1112
Grade 6: A-J
Grade 8: All students

Steve Sawitsky
(845) 680-1023
Grade 6: K-Z
Grade 7: All students

Prevention Counselor

Bobbie-Angela Wong
(845) 680-1147

School Social Worker

Jessenia Cursio
(845) 680-1028

Classroom Counseling Lessons: School counselors visit classrooms throughout the school year to deliver various character education lessons. During your child’s 8th grade year, counselors also visit classrooms to discuss scheduling for TZHS. Group discussions and activities in the classroom are also facilitated when teachers and administration feel that it would be beneficial to the students.

Group Counseling: A variety of counseling groups are offered through the guidance department. Group counseling provides a unique learning opportunity for students that can help them develop strategies and coping skills to better handle problems they may encounter at school or at home. The groups are facilitated by counselors and allow students the opportunity to discuss issues affecting them with their peers in a safe environment. Groups are based on students’ interests and concerns and include:

  • Family Changes (separation, divorce, remarriage)
  • Bereavement
  • Social Skills and Friendship
  • Academic Success Skills
  • Choices and Making Decisions

Individual Counseling: Meeting individually with a school counselor is an option for every SOMS student. Counselors can offer insight and assistance to students in areas related to academic concerns, friends, school, family, and more. Counselors send out passes to meet with all students periodically throughout the year. However, if a problem arises, don’t wait for a pass! Come to the counseling office and make an appointment to speak with your counselor. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s counselor at any time to discuss their concerns and to request their child have an appointment.

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