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Clubs & Extracurriculars

Join clubs that interest you! Clubs are a great opportunity to do things you enjoy, make new friends and to try something new. You can join more than one after-school activity if you like. Advisors and coaches will help you to budget your time between activities. Please check the SOMS Announcements in ParentSquare for meeting dates and times.

Art Club
Advisor: Ms. Meyers
Location: Room 189
Students will learn about art beyond the classroom. They will be exposed to a wide variety of art materials not available in the regular classroom setting.

Art for Public Spaces
Advisor: Ms. DiPierno
Location: Room 187
Students will engage in the design and production of artwork for publication and public spaces. Although all students who wish to create artwork through various means and modes of production are encouraged to join, the club is seeking members to assist in creating and preparing artwork to be displayed throughout SOMS.

Cooking Club
Advisors: Ms. Cardenas and Mr. Goldstein
Location: Room 179
Calling all aspiring chefs, foodies, novices, or anyone who wants to learn how to cook! Along with your fellow students, learn how to prepare a variety of dishes, use utensils and measurements, understand recipes and basic vocabulary, utilize safe cooking methods, and explore what foods/recipes pro-mote healthy living. Cooking Club accepts students of all proficiencies in the kitchen, with any skill sets and abilities who are looking to further educate themselves on the general preparation of a variety of foods from appetizers to desserts, main dishes to snacks and much more! Let’s learn the basics, prepare some delicious culinary treats and EAT!

Creative Writing Club
Advisor: Ms. Fagan
Location: Room 331
Students will develop their own personal writing style and create writing and poetry for a publication in the spring. The club will meet in a workshop format.

SOMS Debate-Casting Club
Advisor: Ms. Landgraff
Location: SOMS Library
The SOMS Debate-Casting Club will combine the art of debate and the art of podcasting. As part of the club’s activity, we will debate student written bills and/or bills presented in the NYS Assembly/Senate Chambers. These debates will be recorded in the SOMS Library Recording Booth during a student run podcast and shared to the SOCSD community through our WZYN broadcast site. Seventh and eighth grade club members are also eligible to attend a two-night trip in November, to the MS YAG Conference in Albany, to debate student developed bills, with other NYS students in the Assembly and Senate Chambers! Our club is open to anyone who loves the art of debating and/or an interested in podcasting. We meet once to two times a month, on a Thursday (dates provided at first meeting & posted in our Google Classroom). Come share your voice!

Digital Media Club
Advisor: Mr. Chugranis
Location: Room 152
The Digital Media Club will support, instruct, direct and encourage all club members to complete technology projects that are creative and personally engaging. The projects can also meet requirements for core curriculum classes or community service. Meets the third Wednesday of every month.

Drama Club
Advisor: Ms. Pena-Carney
Location: Room 160
Drama Club is a place where students can participate in a play (no music).  Students have taken up roles like student director, playwright, costumes, auditions etc.  If you are interested in acting, backstage, art and directing it is the place to be. There is a spot for everyone and all are welcome.

French Club
Advisor: Ms. Spatz
Location: Room 231
French club fosters an appreciation of the French culture. We are opened to anyone who wants to participate in hands-on activities (cooking French desserts, building /creating art) as well as to those who just want to listen to French music, play French games, visit France virtually to broaden their general knowledge.

Gaming and Strategies
Advisor: Ms. DiTuri
Location: Room 230
The Gaming & Strategies Club provides a safe and fun environment for students to explore and refine their gaming interests. We are a student driven club that builds confidence and improves social skills through interactive games. From Monopoly to Magic the Gathering, and Parcheesi to Pokemon Go, we play it all! The club meets in Room 230, on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Hope to see you there!

Gardening Club
Advisor: Mr. Chugranis
Location: Room 152

The Gardening Club will support, instruct, direct and encourage all club members to conduct research and participate in gardening projects that promote creativity and sustainability and that engender a sense of environmental stewardship.

Gay-Straight-Trans Alliance (GSTA)
Advisors: Ms. Fagan
Location: Room 331
The purpose of the GSA is to help create a school environment where all students feel welcomed and accepted for their unique talents and contributions and enjoy the full benefits of our educational system, free from fear of harassment or discrimination.

Italian Club
Advisor: Ms. Nilson and Ms. Fortuno
Location: Room 233
The club’s goal is to foster understanding and appreciation of the Italian language and culture. Students will make pasta and pizza (among other Italian foods), celebrate Italian holidays, participate in the Italian Feast and We The People events. We will also hold an Italian Festa at the Thorpe Senior Center and take part in many other fun and rewarding activities.

Math Club
Advisor: Mr. Chugranis
Location: Room 152
Math club is a fun club that anyone can participate in. This club will focus on building upon students’ foundational math skills while also focusing on problem solving and twenty-first century critical thinking skills. Students will learn new material and apply their prior knowledge to create and solve fun and challenging problems and projects. These may include math games, puzzles, geodesic structures, tensegrity structures, bridge design, graphic design, website design, origami, molecular geometry, tessellations and fractals.

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)
Advisors: Ms. Beckmann & Mr. Goldstein
Location: Room 153
The National Junior Honor Society promotes the celebration of academic excellence. Students in grades 7 and 8, who demonstrate a consistently high level of academic performance, including an average of at least 92, are invited to participate. In order to gain membership, you must also demonstrate qualities of leadership, service, good character, and citizenship. Opportunities are provided through the Society to assist the members in further developing these qualities. As leaders, members must exert a wholesome influence on the school community. As servers, they are committed to the idea of volunteering their time and talents in order to help create a better tomorrow. By demonstrating such qualities as reliability, honesty, and sincerity, members hope to prove by example, that they value excellent character. Finally, through willingness to participate responsibly in the affairs of the school and community, our National Junior Honor Society members develop citizenship.

Advisor: Mr. Chugranis
Location: Room 152
Students use LEGO Mindstorms to design, build and program robots. They will learn about problem solving and teamwork through hands-on projects.

Science Olympiad (SO)
SO Tech Science Advisor: Mr. Chugranis | Location: Room 152
SO Physical Science Advisor: Ms. Kramarczyk and Ms. Levine | Location: Room 324
Students will explore advanced topics in science, complete laboratory activities, do building projects and may participate in Science Olympiad competitions.

Social Awareness and Inclusion Club
Advisor: Ms. Henry & Ms. Spatz
Location: Room 326
Are you ready to join a club where your words and actions can make a difference? The Social Awareness and Inclusion Club is a place for students to navigate relevant topic’s in today’s society to make the world a better place. Here you will find a platform for change and action!

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
Advisor: Ms. Beckmann
Location: Room 153
Members of SADD will work to send a strong message to our student body and community about destructive decisions such as violence, smoking, drinking, drug use, bullying, etc. Students will learn (and then teach) the communication skills that are necessary to make safe decisions.

Student Council
Advisor: Ms. Kukla
Location: Room 323
The Student Council is comprised of representatives from each grade level. Members discuss issues of concern and plan activities for each grade level.

Spanish Club
Advisor: Dr. Solomon
Location: Room 234
The club’s goal is to foster understanding and appreciation of the Spanish language and culture.

Writing for Publication
Advisor: Ms. Duroy
Location: Room 225
Extra, Extra, Read all about it! Are you interested in investigating, reporting, and writing about all the great events and activities happening in and around SOMS? Do you enjoy writing and expressing your-self? Would you like to be a voice for the student body? If so, come join your fellow students in exploring the big and small moments that make SOMS the unique place that it is. Together we will choose interesting and newsworthy topics, investigate issues, and re-port on stories to keep our community informed and interested. Come join Writing for Publication! All grades and experiences are welcome!

Advisor: Ms. Beckmann
Location: Room 153
Students will photograph, organize, create and layout the middle school yearbook.

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