South Orangetown Middle School

Fifty-two South Orangetown secondary students have been recognized with 2019 Rockland Community College Hispanic Heritage Student Achievement Awards, which honor Rockland County students of Hispanic descent for outstanding academic accomplishments. The honors are awarded to students in grades 8, 10 and 12 in two categories based on performance the previous school year: Academic Achievement (academic average above 90, but less than 95) and Academic Excellence (academic average of 95 or higher).

Congratulations to the SOMS Hispanic Heritage Award winners:

Grade 8: Milena B., Academic Achievement; Daniela C., Academic Excellence; Daniela C., Academic Achievement; Allison C., Academic Achievement; Jeslie D., Academic Achievement; Sofia F., Academic Excellence; Ashley I., Academic Achievement; Siena K., Academic Excellence; Sarah M., Academic Excellence; Kevin N., Academic Excellence; Sofia P., Academic Excellence; Arlene R., Academic Achievement; Isabella R., Academic Achievement; Elis R., Academic Achievement; Brandon S., Academic Achievement; Sofia T., Academic Achievement; and, Rene V., Academic Excellence.

SOMS 2019 Hispanic Heritage Award Winners



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