South Orangetown Middle School

Over the past few weeks, South Orangetown Middle School seventh- and eighth-graders have helped COVE students create something very special: personalized, hand mirrors for Mother’s Day gifts. Enrichment and Technology Teacher Andrew McIntosh, and a few eighth-graders, used Adobe Creative Suite software and the school’s new CNC laser cutter to engrave the COVE students’ images on the back of each wooden mirror frame.

Together, students worked with spindle and belt sanders, band saws, a drill press, sandpaper and wood stain, in Technology Teacher Kerry Beckmann’s classroom. “All of our students really benefit from having the chance to work together,” said Ms. Beckmann. Rockland BOCES Teaching Assistant Andrea Rich agreed, “This is what it’s all about–it’s a great opportunity for mainstreaming.”

The Mother’s Day mirror is the fifth technology project that COVE students have participated in this year, reported Mr. McIntosh. “At the start of the year, Dr. Tesik and I discussed how we could expand technology education to be as inclusive as possible, to provide all students at SOMS with these types of meaningful, hands-on learning opportunities,” he explained. “It’s what we do here.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Students working together on Mother's Day tech project Students and teacher working on tech project Students, teacher smiling at table in tech room


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