The SOMS National Junior Honor Society hosted a Knockout Tournament to benefit the Frawley Strong Foundation during lunch periods on April 26, 27 and May 1. Students donated $3.00 each to play. On the first day, the students were placed in three separate groups per grade to compete; the top two players from each group advanced to the next round. The next day, the six players at each grade level competed against one another during recess, with the top two players from each grade moving on to the May 1 final rounds. Seventh-grader Zach Sullivan placed first and won a Frawley Strong Foundation t-shirt and a $50 Visa Gift Card; the student who placed second received a Frawley Strong Foundation t-shirt. Overall, the tournament raised a grand total of $251 for the Frawley Strong Foundation.

Student jumping to make a basket during SOMS Knockout Challenge

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