Communities are Inclusive

This month we celebrate inclusiveness.

An inclusive school environment makes sure that:

  • everyone is treated with dignity and respect
  • all students belong and feel that they belong
  • all students experience a positive and supportive learning environment
  • students learn from diverse perspectives
  • everyone feels included!

Below is October’s Virtual Assembly hosted by Mrs. O’Brien’s 5th grade class!

Community Project: Each student will design their very own flag showing what makes them unique and how they are inclusive to other students in school. We will then put each classes flags together to create a class book. Teachers/student have the option of designing their flag digitally or on paper. Teachers have been given a class set of flags for their students. If you want to print and complete your flag at home, click here. 

Video of Ms. Mueller explaining the October activity: Designing your own flag

Click here: All are welcome virtual activity to visit Ms. Zatarga’s slideshow that has all the info on how to complete your flag on the computer!

Additional links (all in the slideshow):

The link for students to create a new copy of the flag to design

The link for students to click on to print a flag

Video– how to upload to Padlet

Video– how to design on Google Slides


Celebrating Diversity- Lesson K-2

Diversity is what makes us all special and unique! Please watch my video below to gain a better understanding of diversity:

Here is an extension activity to do at home or in the classroom: After watching my video, teachers play the video explaining the activity. Students will get to complete their personal self portait by coloring pictures of their favorite things. If time, students can share out loud with the class.

Video of Ms. Mueller explaining the activity

Personal Self Portrait sheet

Celebrating Diversity- Lesson grades 3-5

Diversity is what makes us all special and unique! Please watch my video below to gain a better understanding of diversity:

Here is an extension activity to do at home or in the classroom: After watching my video, teachers will give students time to complete the worksheet. When students are done answering questions about themselves, they will have the opportunity to share out loud and elaborate on their answers. While a student is sharing facts about themselves, the other students will be listening and filling in on their own sheet at least one fact about a classmate that they did not know. For example: I am good at playing guitar. Johnny is good at cooking.


SOCES Celebrates Start With Hello Week

Next week (9/21-9/25) and the week after (9/28-10/2) is Start With Hello Week within South Orangetown. We will be celebrating two weeks to ensure all students will be able to participate during their week of in person learning (same activities for both weeks).

Each day there will be a school spirit theme that students and staff can participate in to promote inclusion and to show support for students who are showing signs of loneliness or social isolation. Teachers will be having discussions during morning meetings to reinforce the importance of being kind and including others.
Check out our spirit week here

Communities are Diverse

This month we celebrate diversity.

Diversity is the range of differences in people, places or things. There are many aspects of humans that make us different and diverse.

Some examples of diversity include: whether we are male or female, our age, where we live, where we are from, which religion we practice, the types of food we eat, the color of our skin, our ethnicity, the languages we speak, and whether or not we have a disability.


Community Project:

  1. Talk to your family about your ancestors, heritage, and traditions.
  2. Print this “I am from” worksheet or create your own.
  3. Write, draw, print pictures of where you are form and the traditions you have.
  4. Upload your picture or create a video with your form and share with our community.
  5. Select the link for the flipgrid project:
    1. WOS – Where are you from?
    2. CLE – Where are you from?


Our Song of the month: This is me



Patriotism Project!

For the month of May our character education word is Patriotism. Patriotism is having pride, respect and love for your country. One way we can show respect for our country is to honor our heroes who have served in the military. This month we encourage students to write a thank you letter, draw a picture, or create a card for a veteran thanking them for their service. When you are finished, take a picture of what you created and upload it to Ms. Mueller’s google classroom or you/your parent can email it to me at [email protected]

I will make a slideshow of all the beautiful cards, letters, & pictures created to send to our veterans. For bonus points, you can send in a picture of yourself with an American flag or at a memorial site! Please submit by May 29th!

March at WOS – Flexibility

March’s Word of the Month: 


Overview: Flexibility is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
RULER Emotion Words: curious, disappointed

Books about Flexibility

  • Chester’s Way by Kevin Henkes
  • But Excuse Me That is My Book
  • Duck Rabbit by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  • The Blind Men and the Elephant by Karen Blackstein
  • The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes by Mark Pett and Gary Rubenstein
  • Not a Stick by Antoinette Portis
  • Zoom by Istvan Banyai
  • Not a Box by Antoinette Portis
  • The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds
  • Penelope Perfect by Shannon Anderson
  • My Day is Ruined by Bryan Smith

Book of the Month

Songs about Flexibility

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