Senior Seminar – Distance Learning

Senior Seminar Plans

Please sign into our new Google Classroom account using the code: ivl4vu5 and answer the question for Tuesday 3/31.

I will use this to check in with you and have discussions.  It also allows me to take virtual attendance.  Your journals will still be due in

Week of 3/30-4/3: This week, work on a journal in which you explain what you have done since March 13.  Did you reach out to your mentor and terminate the internship or tell them you will keep them posted? Are you working remotely? If you feel you don’t have enough to put in this week’s journal, read an article or watch a film about something related to your internship and write about it.

Week of 4/6-4/10: Complete one of the assignments originally listed in our Senior Seminar extensions below.  If you are working in education and can contact your mentor, perhaps you can help with distance learning?  Find an exercise or activity to share with your cooperating teacher.  If you are working in a different field, be creative. Write about it for this week’s journal. NOTE: journal due dates have been updated in to reflect the calendar changes. As always, feel free to check in and run any ideas past me.

Senior Seminar Extension Activities

Because you can no longer attend your internship, we have reduced the number of hours you are responsible to complete each week. You must now complete TWO hours per week, including the writing of your journal, until school is back in session. We will adjust the final number of required hours as needed.

Possible Ways to Get Your Hours:

· Research an important issue/topic within your field

· Watch a film or video related to your field

· Read a book or article related to your field

· Conduct a phone interview with someone in your field (or your mentor)

· Have an email exchange with a person in your field (or your mentor)

· Write a letter to an expert in your field

· Create a Slideshow or video about a topic in your field

· Create a piece of art (song, collage, painting, poem, etc.) related to your field

· Other (if you have another idea, please run it past your teacher for approval)

Your journals are still due on the assigned dates. Please state in your journal which of the above topics you selected for the week and explain what you did.