Pop Culture Research Paper

The Project

Pop Culture Research Paper Assignment, topics, and rubric

Pop Culture Research Steps Step by step guide to the research paper with examples


  1. Choose a pop culture topic of interest.
  2. Create a question about your topic.
  3. Research the topic. [Refine question if necessary.]
  4. Compose a thesis which answers your research question.
  5. Prove your thesis in a short research paper.


  • Thesis statement that is debatable and expandable
  • Minimum 3-4 pages typed, doubled spaced, 12pt font
  • Minimum 3 research sources
    • 1 of the 3 research sources must be a print (non-internet) source (i.e. a magazine, newspaper, book)
  •  Paper should include internal citations
  • Paper should include an accurately formatted Works Cited page at the end
  •  Paper must be submitted in both hard copy (paper) format and electronic format on or before the due date to turnitin.com

Finding a Topic This helpful page from a university in Tennessee has some great links to finding a topic.

Easy Bib – Sign up for a free account at easybib.com to format your bibliography! Use coupon code tappanzee.

MLA internal citations How to cite research in your research paper

How to Make a Hanging Indent in Google Docs

Research Paper Peer Review Peer Review sheet to check your work before turning it in

EHS Peer Reviewers English Honor Society members will peer review your papers! You must use your SOCSD account to access this document.


Your paper is debatable; it should not be a report, but rather, a paper with an argument that you can support.

Be wary of plagiarism; you must CITE all of your sources both at the end of the paper and internally within the paper; plagiarism will result in a zero for all parties concerned.

Consult a citation creation website to help guide the formation of your Works Cited. Remember that works on this page should be listed alphabetically.


Print Resources

There are a number of books and magazines available to you in the school library. Pop Culture encyclopedias as well as a series of pop culture books on various decades are located in the reference. Remember to use OPALS,  the TZHS Library Catalog,  to help with your print research. 

Digital Resources

Pop Culture Universe at ABC-CLIO
Login in – tzhs
Password – tzhs

Gale Databases Search popular magazines, the Pop Culture Collection, newspapers, etc.
username/login/password: empirelink

CQ Researcher Current events and issues including advertising, videogames, and media studies

JSTOR: Provides full-text access to the archives of core scholarly journals in the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences. TZHSLibrary/Dutchman

Pop Culture Websites

Archive of American Television

Pop Matters An international magazine of pop culture criticism

Salon News and cultural commentary

E!Online Celebrity news and gossip

Metacritic Links to reviews by dozens of critics for films, DVD/video, music, books, and games

NPR’s Pop Culture News

Pop Culture Madness Pop culture news, trivia, and interviews

USA Today Entertainment News

Top 20 Blogs, Websites and Influencers of 2020 You must sign up for a free account using your Google sign-in.

Online Magazines and Newspapers

People Magazine

Entertainment Weekly

NY Daily News – Entertainment News

New York Times – Entertainment News
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