Banned Books Discussion

Complete the Banned Books Assignment before answering this poll.

Is it ever justified to ban a book?  Why or why not?  While certain oppressive governments censor what their citizens can read, most challenges to books today occur at the local community or school district level. The most common reasons for challenging a book are offensive language, sexual content, and inappropriate subjects for minors. Those in favor of banning books for minors say that school administrators and librarians have the responsibility of protecting their students from inappropriate and controversial materials. Those opposed to book banning in schools and public libraries argue that it is up to individual students and their parents to determine what is appropriate reading material. What do you think?

Step #1: Answer the poll below.


Step #2: Write a comment below. Be sure to make your arguments with solid points or evidence, and anticipate the counterargument (e.g. “While some people may say…” or “Though it is true that…”)

Step #3: Respond to at least ONE other student’s post.

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