TZHS English Honor Society

EHS Application


The purpose of the EHS is to:

  • confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature at Tappan Zee High School
  • promote interest in literature and the English language
  • provide cultural stimulation in the form of lectures, debates, and performances
  • sponsor Hepcat as a culminating activity for National Poetry Month
  • develop responsibility through writing and editing for Tones and/or Tapress
  • promote exemplary character and good fellowship among its members
  • exhibit high standards of academic excellence
  • serve society by fostering literacy


In order to be considered for the EHS, you must:

  • be a Junior or Senior*
  • have a cumulative average of: 92 in Regents English or 86 in Honors English or        89 average if one year of Regents and one year of Honors

have completed a minimum of one of the following during your high school career:

  • Published an article in Tapress
  • Published an essay, story, or poem in Tones
  • Published any written piece in an accredited publication outside of TZHS (Please note: self-publishing on the web does not meet the requirements)
  • Won recognition in an accredited writing contest
  • complete a total of six points of service to the field of English Language Arts
  • be a respectful member of the student body with a good record of conduct
  • have the recommendation of one English teacher

*you may apply beginning in the spring of your sophomore year

For Members

English Honor Society Points Sheet

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