Iditarod 2019

The Iditarod has been called the “Last Great Race on Earth” for a good reason.  It is a sled dog race that starts in Anchorage, Alaska and ends over 1,000 miles away in Nome.  The landscape is treacherous, and the weather is unforgiving. This race serves to memorialize all the things sled dogs have done in history and for the people of Alaska, but part of the trail raced today is the historical trail mushers used to bring life-saving medicine to Nome during an epidemic of diphtheria in 1925.


Select a musher that you believe will win.  Leave a comment with his/her name on this blog.  If someone already chose that musher, you must select a different one.  The fastest time of all the mushers selected will win a prize. Good Luck, Mushers!

Play the Serum Run Game.

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