Found Poems

A Found Poem is where you borrow, or “rent” an author’s words from a song, poem, or book, and create your own poem.

The awesome thing about found poetry is that there are no rules.  Found poems take existing texts and refashion them and present them as poems.  (Example)

Remember to:

  • Read the excerpt from your chapter.
  • Look for the beautiful language.
  • Think about the message you want to convey about your story.
  • Highlight words or phrases that you might want.
  • Record these words on your Found Poem planning page.
  • Rearrange your words to convey a message in a poem.
  • Add your poem to this blog post.

21 thoughts on “Found Poems

  1. Veterinary school
    My dream sort of leaks out like water in a paper bag
    A warm July night
    Tree’s look dark against the red sky
    Lights coming on a house here, another there
    Judd travers
    Fast talking
    Spits tabacco
    He can get away with anything

  2. doctor

    how come
    my dream sort of leaked out like water
    had to be like this
    tree’s look dark against the red sky
    I blink
    he was in front of me blocking my view
    best part

  3. She rushed me grabbed my legs bear hug
    Tickling my feet
    I was extremely dead from laughing Creamy inside spongy cake I love them
    You hungry
    I snatched the uneaten Twinkie
    The kid howled
    I shoved the Twinkie back
    Excuse yourself from joey long enough to empty your waste basket
    The world waiting
    I looked at the bear
    Pointed to my one eyed teddy bear
    Joey in shock gave a disgusted grunt he sneered
    You’ll never hack it as a rat
    He got up and left
    By Jerry Spinelli
    Found by Caroline Pastore

  4. The Boy Who Harnessed The
    It Was The Beginning
    Of A
    Perfect Place To Receive
    A Hero
    Strong, Heavy,
    As If Laden With Stones
    Flexed Muscles
    Perfect I Scanned Through
    The Crowd looking For A Hero
    Excuse me, I stared At Him
    We began to dance, laughing together.

    By William Kamkwamba
    Found by Isabella Georgetti

  5. Dead from laughing
    bear hug
    rushed me playground
    last test last chance
    mother waiting
    Judy waiting
    world waiting
    you’ll never hack it as a rat

  6. She Rushed Me
    Tickling The Bottoms Of My Feet
    Dead From Laughing
    Take Care Of Number One
    Spongy Cake
    Creamy Inside
    I Love Them
    Last Test
    Last Chance
    Judy Waiting
    The World Waiting
    You’ll Never Hack It As A Rat

    By: Jerry Spinelli
    Found By: Logan Lenihan

  7. His hands were trembling
    speechless with delight “Ork”
    the penguin was not speechless
    it looked like a little gentleman
    with its a long black tailcoat
    and two white circles in its black head.
    He strut in inspecting the house.

  8. Dajun of Gumbo Limbo Hole
    Without a word
    He read it,
    Crumpled it,
    And stuffed it in his pocket
    He murmured to himself more than me
    “What are we going to do?”
    “I’ll lure him.
    Dajun would like it.”

    The Missing ‘Gator of Gumbo Limbo
    By Jean Craighead George
    Found by Jacklyn Srubas

  9. down the dirt road
    wind in my face
    perfect place
    biggest boy
    heavy strong muscles
    furious powers
    and never before
    still standing

    The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind
    By William Kamkwamba
    Found by Brendan Kukla

  10. Days crept by
    slowly from boredom
    Will I become strong
    The day awoke different
    Arms heavy as if laden stones
    Muscles felt as firm as tree trunks
    Fists solid as two bricks
    Running felt like fast speed
    My powers were deadly

    The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
    By William Kamkwamba
    Found By Stella Bertoli

  11. You hungry, for a Twinkie
    Go for it, I snatched it
    The kid howled bloody murder
    I took off
    One more thing to do
    My mom
    The world waiting
    Joey, disgusted
    I didn’t think so
    You’ll never hack it

    By Jerry Spinelli
    Found by Jonathan Narcisco

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