Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you all a peaceful Thanksgiving! Please make sure you read over the long weekend. My Grade 3 friends, please make sure you read some non-fiction books, you can look at the Quizlet link to review the non-fiction elements. My Grade 4 friends, please use the Quizlet link to study the science terms. Enjoy the long weekend, I look forward to seeing all of you on Monday!!!!

ENL is off to a great start!!!

The ENL (English as a New Language) Program is off to a great start! In Grade 3, the students are completing their personal narrative writing and we are beginning a non-fiction reading unit. Please click on the Vocabulary Tab to review the elements of non-fiction.
In Grade 4, the students just finished up a unit on science vocabulary. Please click in the Quizlet link in order to review those terms. Please check the blog for social studies terms coming soon!!!

Series Study

We have been in our series study for about 3 weeks now. I am really enjoying it! Some of you are reading the Frog and Toad Series, others are reading Henry and Mudge, and another group is reading a mystery series called Bones. Please write a post about the series you are reading. Tell us about it!!!

Comparing Book Series


We have learned all about Frog and Toad and their friendship in the book series Frog and Toad. We have started a new book series called Henry and Mudge . Pease write a post about one way the two series are the same, and one way that they are different.