It’s Too Late To Apologize

Why Do Countries Declare Independence?

This is the big idea that we will be exploring in social studies for the next month.
We will begin our journey by studying our own country. Why did the 13 colonies decide to sign the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson (with help from others) in 1776?

Why did the colonists want to declare independence and separate from Britain and King George III?
What were the big ideas in the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence?
What did they mean?

12 thoughts on “It’s Too Late To Apologize

  1. The thirteen colonies wanted to break apart from britain because the british were almost broke so king george lll decided to put heavy tax on the pepole so they started a rebellion against the british.

  2. The colonists declared independence because the british gave them rules to obey, and if they didn’t obey the rules the british would do harmful things to them.

  3. I think the 13 colonists decided to sign the Declaration of Independence, was because they thought it wasn’t ok that the British were taxing them, so they signed it, to try to make things right, and to be ready to fight for there country!

  4. The colonists declared Independence because King George the lll taxed the colonists and made them do things that they did not want to do like for example taxes. The colonists definitely did not like taxes. Taxes made the colonists mad and broke it was not good for the colonists. That is why the colonists declared independence.

  5. I think that they wanted independence because after the French and Indian war the british were low on money. So they taxed the colonies to make up for the war. The colonies had no say in the british government so they wanted independence.

  6. The 13 colonies decided to declare independence because of the unfair things Parliament made them do. They placed unfair taxes on everyday things and didn’t allow the colonists to use the land the british won from the French and Indian War. These things angered the colonists and they decided to declare independence from KIng George lll and Britain.

  7. The 13 colonies decided to declare independence because King George the ||| was unfairly taxing colonists and making them do things that were not fair to the colonists.

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