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  1. mikaela says:

    One fact I learned about watching the longhouse video was that the Iroqois thought there was an invisible longhouse stretched across NY state. Another fact I learned was that there was cabins in the shape of tunnels. My last fact I learned was there was benches on the sides of the longhouse's that were 4 feet high. Those were my three facts about watching the loinghouse video.

  2. esther says:

    In this video, I learned many things. One fact I learned is that the Iroquois thought that there was a invisble long house acrossed the New York state. Another fact I learned is that the cabins are shaped in tunnels. Then, the benches on the sides were 4 feet long. Last of all, there were 12 fires in one longhouse and 24 familes living there. In conclusion, these are the facts I learned from this video.

  3. michaels says:

    One fact I learned is the Iroqois belived there was a giant longhouse that went across N.Y state.  Another fact about the Iroqois is they had cabinthe shape of a tunnal. One more fact about the Iroqois is in the winter they sleep on the floor near the fire. And those are the facts I learned in the video.  

  4. darien says:

    One fact i learned was that they would sleep on the floor near the fire to keep warmpth. Another fact I learened was that they built huge longhouses across N.Y. the last fact  i learned was the Iroquois had cabinthe shape almost like a tunle. In conclusion that is whatI learneed in the video.

  5. melanie says:

    The first fact I learned was they built huge longhouses for there family. Another fact was they sleped on the floor to keep them warm and they all sleped on the same bed.Last fact is they had cabinthe shape like tunel

  6. deidre says:

    The first thing I learned was that if there is a new family member joining your longhouse it is quite easy to add on.The second thing I learned wasthat longhouse's can be 25-30 fadums long.                                                       The last thing I learned was that in the winter the people living in the longhouse would sleep on mats by the fire.

  7. pmcfadden says:


    You have added interesting facts that you have learned from the video and I'm glad that you are able to digest what you have seen and put it into your own words.  However, please remember that you MUST check your spelling before posting!!!!!   

  8. Logan says:

    i have learend that the people of the long house slept on mats near the fire in the winter because it was very cold and another fact is the longhouses can be 25-30 fadums long. and the mostly told stoires only in the winter

  9. pmcfadden says:

    I hope and my friend juliette watched the longhouse video and we learned that there is only one window in a longhouse for the smoke to exit the longhouse. We also learned that they had benches all around the longhouse that they sleep on.

  10. pmcfadden says:

    From this video we learned that when boys turn 10 they start traveling and hunting with their fathers. We also learned that the Iroquois are very thankful for what the creator had given them such as clothing and bedding.The Iroquois wore animal skins and moccasins. They also wore leggings and beaver fur. If the Iroquois were outside to long then they could get frostbite. The last fact we learned was because it was so cold and the Iroquois had to stay inside they could starve to death. Those are some facts we learned about the Iroquois tribes.

    – Ashley and Brianna 😉

  11. pmcfadden says:

    I Hope and my friend Juliette have also learned from the longhouse video that they wore the skins from the animals that they hunted to keep them from the harsh winters also they wore moccisans on their feet to keep warm they also they sharpened rocks to use as arrow heads and knifes to hurt their enimies, they also hunted for food to eat.

    – hope and juliette 😉











































  12. William says:

    Fact 1: The men wore legings to keep warm

    Fact 2:The longhouse was 24 fatams long

    Fact 3: Most longhouses had 12 fires 

  13. Fatima says:

    -Fatima The first fact I want to say is that the Iroquis go to the ground in winter to be warm, second the iroquis make stuff for memorys,third the long house is made of bark and tree's.

    -Carly 1. Planting was an easy task for the women of the Iroquois tribe. 2. The Iroquois tribe went and built a big longhouse for them to keep in their warmth for a while. 3. The women of the tribe do a lot of work for the children and for themselves with the men too and sometimes the women are the only ones that work for their lives.

    -Alexa 1. the Iroquois tribe used to sleep on the ground next to the fire to keep warm. 2.The longhouses had 12 fires. 3.They built longhouses across N.Y.

  14. Adelina says:

    Fact 1 The  Ladies in that group had to plant harvest clean and most importent of all they took good care of the children. Fact 2 The Men in the group had to hunt biuld the log houses and gather all the food Fact 3 The children had to run around and scare the birds from the corn. They also helped the older people cook plant and hunt.

  15. Kacey says:

     Three facts I learned from the video was the men hunted, women farmed an in the winter they slept by the fire to keep warm.-Kacey:):):)

     One fact I learned from the longhouse vido was that there was no windows in longhouses. Another fact that I learned was that the Iroquois slept near the fire under blankets to keep warm. The 3rd fact that I learned was that women did the cooking and farming.

  16. Kacey says:

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