Thanks to all our terrific students and families.

Thanks for a wonderful year! We wish all our students and families a happy, safe, and fun summer. See you in the fall. 

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3 Responses to Thanks to all our terrific students and families.

  1. Eva says:

    I cant believe the school year ended!


  2. Eva says:

    I’ve been here all day. I miss 4th grade so much and i’m sure a lot of people do to. 4th grade has been the best and I want to thank Mrs McFadden and Mrs Viola and the other teachers including Mrs Egan and Mr Tanuebaum. [I think I Spelled his name wrong]
    I also want to thank the people. There were a lot of nice people in McViola land. I hope everyone has a great summer and I’ll miss you guys! Hope to see you soon!

  3. Elise says:

    I am at South Korea right now and I already miss McViola land! I really want to be in this class again. I really miss the class and the terrific year of fourth grade. Hope to see everyone soon.

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