Classroom Procedures

 Dismissal: School day begins at 9:15 and ends at 3:28. If your child is not going to be taken the bus for a specific day, notes are needed. Please do not email dismissal information.

 Lunch is from 1:15-1:48

Special Classes:  The students will rotate between Physical Education and Music/Art each day. The students will also have computers twice during a cycle period. We are currently have Physical Education on days 1, 3, and 5. We have Music for 9 weeks then Art on days 2, 4,and 6.

CLASSWORK AND HOMEWORK: MUST check organizer and homework folder every night.
-Students are expected to come to class prepared everyday.
-All assignments are expected to be completed neatly and on time.
-If your child did not hand in HW, there will be a note to let you know in the organizer. Please sign.
-Late work will be accepted, but will not receive full credit. Work not handed in will count as a zero.
– If there is a special circumstance as to why your child did not hand in an assignment, a note must be written by and signed by a parent.
-Effort is expected at all times.

Tests and Quizzes:
-Students will be given advance notice of any tests or quizzes that we have. Please check the Homework organizers for any test announcements.
-The students will be able to take home the corrected and graded tests for you to see. Please go over the tests with your child (corrections made with a marking pen), sign them and have your child return them the next day.

It is very important to us that we maintain an open line of communication regarding your child throughout the year. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns you may have. Please do not send emails that detail a change in busing or dismissal for a child. There is no guarantee that we will receive that email by dismal time. When emailing please send it to both addresses:
[email protected]

 Snacks: Students are allowed to bring in a light snack they are able to eat while working. Please select healthy snacks. I don´t allow anything but water during instructional parts of the day, but they may bring other thins to drink during lunch.

Birthdays: Students are welcomed to bring in a snack to share with the class in celebration of their birthdays. Any summer birthdays are more than welcomed to share their “half birthday” with the class

Scholastic Book Clubs: There will be a link on our website where you may order from scholastic at any time. If it is easier for us to place your order, please send in a check.

We are looking forward to a wonderful, productive year and will do all we can to make it the best for each child. We appreciate your support throughout the year.


Mr. Krump