Positive Mindset

Click the link to see what happens when a boy receives an unexpected gift. After you view the link think about something that you would like to do but have not been able to do YET. The puppy persevered until he was able to get the ball and have a catch with the boy. What can you do in order to reach your goal(s)?



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“Acceptance is not love. You love a person because he or she has lovable traits, but you accept everybody just because they’re alive and human.” ~ Albert Ellis

  • Acceptance is the willingness to embrace feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own.
  • Acceptance is the ability to experience or survive something unpleasant.
  • Acceptance is the willingness to tolerate a difficult or unpleasant situation.
  • We all have the human need and right to be accepted.

How will you show acceptance? What can you do to help others find their wings? Remember you also need to accept yourself for your own unique qualities, I Have a Voice.

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a1bc8e96204328ec6aba7ab5a4965397This month we are “wild” about cranes. Our book of the month, The Paper Crane, reminds us of the magical powers generosity can have on others and ourselves. We learned that:

  •  Generosity is the quality of being kind and giving.
  •  Generosity is freely sharing what you have with others.
  •  Generosity is being willing to offer money, help or time when it is needed.
  •  To be generous means giving something that is valuable to you without expectation of reward or return.
  •  Generosity doesn’t always cost money. Anyone can be more generous simply by sharing his/her spirit with others.

Our goal this month is to show generosity. Being generous does not have to cost money. You can be generous with your time, service and/or smile. In addition, you can be generous by donating a used coat to our Coat Drive, purchasing a new hat or mitten for the Winter Drive and/or making cranes for our school wide gift. Watch the video below or read these directions to make as many cranes as you can. Have fun!

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Feeling Grateful at Cottage Lane!

brown-bear-hunting-2This month we are “wild” about gratitude. Gratitude is being aware of and being thankful for the good things that happen. Take time to express thanks.

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” ~John F. Kennedy

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The Election Challenge

It is time to get those creative juices going again! Mrs. McBride is offering another opportunity to put your skills to work. Find out more details for this month’s challenge here – The Election Challenge.

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What is mindset????

Click the picture below to read information about mindset and watch a video.

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October is for Pandas!

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giant-panda-eating-jpg-adapt_-945-1-zx4fef-300x169This month we are wild about pandas and empathy.

  • Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
  • Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes.
  • Empathy makes the world a better place.

Zen is a Japanese word that means meditation. “Zen shorts” are short meditations—ideas to puzzle over. Jon J Muth’s picture book, Zen Shorts, tells stories about people who feel and act in different ways than most of us do. The main character, a giant panda named Stillwater, teaches us to apply these valuable lessons from the story to our own lives. Be empathetic by listening to others, connecting with others and being altruistic by bringing in socks for Socktober.

Let’s practice empathy this month and learn more about pandas.

Check out the San Diego Zoo Kids website. It provides a fun and informative view of the pandas in the zoo through webcams, photographs, and videos.

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Running with Roselle by Michael Hingson

running-with-roselle_cover_small“In Running With Roselle, kids can follow Roselle as she grows from an energetic yellow Lab prone to stealing her puppy raiser’s slippers to a confident guide dog who passes the ultimate test when her partner needs her most. Meet Mike, a boy blind from birth who excels in public school, shocks the neighbors by riding his bicycle through the streets of Palmdale, CA, drives a car around his college campus, and uses his relationship of trust and teamwork with Roselle to help others on a day that changed America forever.”

Mr. Michael Hingson, author of Running with Roselle, visits Cottage Lane and share his stories of growing up blind and the importance of teamwork.

Learn more…
What is braille?
Write your name in braille.
Try BRaille Bug games.

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What a great year!!!!

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Colors of Character

This year our Character Education Program brightened our lives with “Colors of Character.” Each month we focused on a character trait, a symbolic color and a shared reading. Each assembly celebrated this colorful trait and recognized students who exemplified this trait.

The Cottage Lane Community is bursting with colors. Let’s show everyone our true colors.

Do you remember the Invisible Boy? Recall all the character traits you practiced this year.

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