Welcome 2019!

Welcome to an exciting New Year, and may you achieve all your goals in 2019.

This month’s assembly, Colors of Character for January, reminds us that perseverance is essential to success.

What can you learn from:


Post your goal for 2019 and the steps you will take to achieve this goal.

38 thoughts on “Welcome 2019!

  1. My New Years resolution is to get better on my MATH FACTS. I have noticed that math is very important in life because when we all have are really good jobs we are gonna count all of are money. My other one is reading more books! because I love reading, but I feel like I don’t read as many books as I really want to. Reading is a big part of my life because you can read anywhere. When I went on vacation I brought 3 books. I read on the plane, at the beach, and on our deck. I hope you had a great winter break.I know I did.Whats your New Years resolution?

  2. My new years resolution is to write more often. I personally really enjoy writing and I am going to try my very best to write for 21 days in a row so that it becomes a habit!

  3. My new years resolution is to be more organized. I want to be more organized so I know where everything is. I will be more organized in my house by organizing all my stuff and when i use something I will put it back it back where i found it. I will know in doing my resolution because my house will be clean.

    By,victoria kabel

  4. My new years resolution is to loose weight so I can live for ever! Well you know what I mean. I need to stop eating so much junk food. Normally I sneak some Oreos upstairs so I don’t eat much dinner, then I want a snack at 8 or 9 so I must stop!

  5. My New Year´s Resolution is to not yell at my sisters as much. I realized that sometimes I yell at my sisters when they keep repeating the same question. I also feel that I should help around the house. My sisters sometimes,sometimes are the ones that help around the house. The reason I said sometimes is because when our parents tell us to clean up the kitchen table I am the one who cleans up the table. This is important because our house is usually messy. Maybe I can help around the house twice a week. Those are my New Year´s Resolutions.

  6. My New Year resolution is I want to eat healthier food because I want to. I don´t really like salad that much. I always ate healthy but a kept eating a lot of sugar but I am going to eat healthier. I love sugar but I like veggies and fruit more. It is going to be hard for me but I will do it.

  7. My New Years Resolution is drawing at lot. People think I draw a lot but not really…I only draw a lot in school because i was bored in school. When i’m home i play games but not drawing. I only want to get a habbit in drawing so i can get off the computer and the video games i play to much. And another reason why is… I want to get better at writing so i can make stories and my creative why? To grow and make me STRONG.

  8. My New Year’s revolution is to be more organized. When I say organized I mean organized by having a schedule. I feel extra confident about my New Year’s revolution so I think I can do it. This is important because I always lose track of time because of my iPad and then I don’t have enough time to do things like taking a shower or even eating. To be more organized I will have notebook full of schedules. I will know when I will succeed because a few things will change. My mom will not be yelling at me to do stuff, I will spend less time on electronics and I wont be late for before or after school activities. I hope you will succeed at your New Year’s revolution.

  9. My new years resolution is to eat healthy and to be taller. the way i´m going to be doing that is to eat better.The reason i´m doing this so i can grow and be taller for my age . i´m trying to eat with on my plate for breakfast lunch and dinner so i can grow.

  10. My new years resulotion is to write more often because one thing I want to be when I grow up is a auther. I will know I suceeded when I have 21 or more paragraghes in my notebook.

  11. My resolution of 2019 is to write two published books. [Not professionally]. I have resolved to write two books. This is important because I have not wrote two books on my own before. I will keep my resolution by writing at least a sentence a day. I will know I succeeded by having two finished books.

  12. My new years resolution is to go to bed earlier.(9:00 PM early bed time.)I always go to bed at 11:15 PM!! That has to change. That’s why it’s a resolution. I have another resolution I I HAVE TO WRITE MORE!!!!! I only write one or two words at home each day,and that also has to change.That’s why it’s a resolution. (Honestly I did not think I could this resolution but I put it in anyway.) I have to be a lot more organized. My room looks like a tornado hit it along with a comet!(I mean it’s totaly messy.) That’s why I need to be a lot more organized. Those are my super resolutions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

  13. My new years resolution is to eat healthier so I can grow. I want to grow so I can be tall . My mom tells me to make my own salads with the vegetables I like.

  14. My New Year resolution is to get better at reading. I want to learn to read better at reading because sometimes I don’t understand some words that much. I will keep this resolution by reading for about ten minutes or more for twenty-one days or even more than that.

  15. My goal for 2019 is… spending less money. I think I should spend less money that I don’t need and spend more money on things I do need 😀

    Sometimes I don’t even realize that I’m spending so much money! Some people want you to buy from there shop so much that they lower the price… but it is still expensive so that is why I try to use my money wisely.

  16. Haley you don’t need to get better at drawing because you are already so good. You are really really talented. And plus you are even better than me at drawing like a lot.

  17. This year in 2019 my new years resousoleshen is to play pion avery day for five minuts. This resuolashen is inportent because it is good to learn an isterment when you are young so you can play it when you are older. To keep this resoleshen I will put a poster in my room that says play pion!!!!!!!!!!

  18. My resolution for 2019 is to be more focus in dance class. I need to focus more in dance class because when I have a recital I need to remember all the moves.

  19. My New Years resolution is to eat less junk foods. For snack I always bring things that are sweet or salty. My goal is to exercise and eat more healthier. I feel confident! I hope you are too. Good luck on your resolutions!!!!!!!!!!!

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