Mr. Ryan’s 8th Grade Academic Center

Eighth Grade Academic Center



Dear Parent/Guardian(s):


            Special Education students will be attending Academic Center fourth period this year as per their IEP.  Students will work on various activities such as:


  • Work on IEP goals through the 8th grade curriculum, skill development program, & homework
  • Missing Assignments
  • New Material
  • Projects
  • Test Preparation
  • New concepts will be reviewed as needed


The two of us will be in the academic center to help students develop their academic skills, complete assignments, prepare for, and complete tests.  Students must use this time constructively working on materials to complete assigned work.  All students must come to the academic center prepared.  They should bring their organizer, any homework, class-work, or project-work that needs to be completed.  If students are unprepared, it takes time away from helping them and other students. 

We appreciate your cooperation and would like to work with you to ensure a positive and productive school year for your child.  If you have any questions or concerns, regarding your child or the academic center, please contact either one of us via email or by telephone.  We anticipate having a great year.




Michael Ryan

[email protected]

Ext. 7278